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Hawaii Fi-Do Service Dogs

Transforming Lives One Paw at a Time with Hawaii Fi-Do

Our specially trained service dogs provide assistance with daily tasks, offer emotional support and improve overall quality of life. We at Hawaii Fi-Do Service Dogs understand that each individual has unique needs, therefore we are committed to creating a customized program to meet those needs. We are proud to have our highly-trained and compassionate dogs, trainers and volunteers touch the lives of hundreds every year. 

Who We Help

We prepare our 'healing mobility dogs' for compassion and therapeutic programs focused with veteran, children, seniors, and the hospitalized.


We socialize and train our own bred, exceptional service dogs for people with disabilities, primarily for mobility. Each dog’s skills are developed to meet client needs.


We work in partnership with organizations, institutions and agencies to bring the healing power of dogs to work in therapeutic, clinical, vocational and compassionate programs and settings.

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