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What is a service dog?

Service Dogs are legally defined (Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990) and are trained to meet the needs of their handlers who have disabilities.

Federal laws protect the rights of individuals with disabilities to be accompanied by their service dogs in public places. Service dogs are working dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.

These dogs are individually trained to do work or perform physical tasks directly related to the handler’s disability. They can provide physical assistance, companionship, psychological, and social benefits.

The Power of Paws: Specialized Skills of Therapy Dogs

Service animals are more than furry companions; they're trained to empower individuals with all different disabilities to navigate their world. There is such a wide range of needs, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are Hawaii Fido we have a wide range of service dogs who help everyone!

Mobility Service Dog

Open/close doors

Retrieve keys, shoes,etc

Pull manual wheelchair

Find phone

"Brace" to balance handler

Turn lights on/off

Hearing Service Dog


Timer/alarm clocks

Smoke alarms


Baby cries

Handlers name

Psychiatric Service Dog

Waker handlers from PTSD nightmares

Perform deep  pressure therapy

Alert Service Dog

Alert to conditions like seizures

Building Successful Partnerships with Trainers


Using only the most pawsome training methods, trainers transform playful pups into skilled service dogs.  Our trainers are experts in fostering clear and respectful communication for every service dog and, prioritize the well-being of the dog and ensure the safety of the public, handler and anyone they may encounter. Safety for everyone is our top priority, so rest assured these furry friends will be confident, well-behaved, and ready to rock for a lifelong adventure.

​Our Certified Service Dogs

  • A Lifelong Bond: We create perfect matches between dogs and their handlers, fostering a strong and supportive partnership for years to come.

  • Exceptional Canine Care: The well-being of our dogs is most important. We use humane training methods and ensure a high quality of life for each canine companion.

  • Enhanced Safety and Independence: Our dogs are trained to the highest standards, performing at least three crucial tasks to assist their handlers while maintaining a calm and confident demeanor in any situation.

  • Always Impeccable: You can expect your service dog to be clean and well-groomed, adhering to proper elimination etiquette.

  • Publicly Polite: Our dogs are trained to focus on their important tasks and avoid unwanted attention or disruptive behavior.

  • Friendly and Fearless: These incredible companions are a source of comfort and support, demonstrating confidence and friendliness towards everyone they meet.

  • A Master of Obedience: You can rely on your service dog to consistently respond to your commands, ensuring seamless communication and a strong partnership.

By adhering to these high standards, Hawaii Fi-Do builds exceptional teams that empower individuals with disabilities to live more independent and fulfilling lives

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