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Hawaii Fi-Do's Training Program

Our in-depth training program unlocks a world of possibilities for service dogs, empowering them to help those in need.

Our mission starts with extraordinary puppies who are chosen from health tested breeders. early, specialized training begins after 3 days old to ensure each become a service dog mastering health, behavior, obedience and the skills to change lives

How long does training take?

The intensive training process for a service dog takes a significant investment of time and resources. It typically requires two years of dedicated training, learning multiple skills and over 90 commands.

How much does a service dog cost?

The cost for a service dog ranges from $25,000-$30,000. This reflects the comprehensive nature of the program, ensuring each dog is expertly trained in the specific skill and temperament needed to effectively assist their future partner.

Service Dog Graduates 

After successful completion of their rigorous training program and before placing a dog with a client, we test for obedience, temperament, and health. Our service dogs are meticulously matched with qualified applicants who have undergone a thorough screening process adhering to ADI standards. This ensure compatibility and a strong foundation to transition your service dog with a new owner they enter a six-month trial period. During this time, they receive ongoing support and guidance as they continued their service dog's training and build a deep bond.

Train A Facility Dog

If periodic wellness visits are not enough. Perhaps you would benefit from hosting a “facility dog” longterm. Facility Dogs are usually paired with rehabilitation professionals, caregivers or educators and utilize a Canine Companion to improve the mental, physical or emotional health of those in their care.

Perhaps the greatest value of a Facility Dog is the unconditional love and attention the dog gives to the clients and patients who they encounter.

While we are very cautious and screen facilities and handlers very carefully, if you qualify, you become part of an extended family of facilities, trainers, handlers and dog lovers who share the healing power of dogs with your clients for a lifetime. Call us to find out more.

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