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Change a life: Sponsor a service dog or its future partner! 

By sponsoring a service dog or its future partner, you'll be directly contributing to a future filled with independence, safety, and an unwavering bond for someone in need.

Sponsor A Team

Individuals and businesses might opt for a unique form of sponsorship – supporting a person with disabilities. By doing so, you help offset the costs incurred by the handler in maintaining their assistance dog. This support directly contributes to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, fostering independence, and strengthening the bond between the handler and their dedicated canine companion.
These sponsorship opportunities not only demonstrate your commitment to a noble cause but also establish a tangible connection between your generosity and the positive impact it has on both service dogs and the individuals they assist.

Sponsor A Dog

One way to contribute is by sponsoring a service dog. To the best of our ability, we provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities, regardless of their ability to pay. It costs on average between $25,000 - $35,000 for the lifetime of the dog. You might imagine what this means for a small non-profit completely dependent on donations. You might think we’d be a great grantee. Sadly, because we touch a few deeply, rather than many, we struggle to get on the local foundation radar screen.
We need you. You can significantly alleviate the financial burden associated with a service dog for their future handler. Sponsoring a service dog covers a spectrum of essential expenses, including dog food, veterinary care, toys, treats, transportation, and comprehensive training. This sponsorship supports the well-being and development of the dog and ensures that these incredible animals receive the highest level of care and training.

Paws for a Cause: Donate Today!
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