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Hawaii Fi-Do dogs are very perceptive, they click on the same wavelength that your'e thinking because of the training that they receive.


“We’re [training] together about two days. One night I’m having real bad problems with my back and I guess I’m rolling around in bed, moving and groaning a bit, and here comes Buzz running into the room. He jumps on my bed, puts his head down on my shoulder, and I realize that everything’s gonna be okay.”


“I found Hawaii Fi-Do online...I contacted Susan Luehrs, which is the perfect person for service dogs...I went through a lot before cominʻ to Hawaii trying to get a service dog. Susan helped me so much. {She said} “you come to training, you donʻt get a dog right away,..thereʻs steps you have to go through because we have to make sure that you and the dog match.”


“I have six different doctors a month that I have to go see, so that’s six days a week every it’s been three years since my husband had to take time off, and sometimes he asked me, ʻCan I go to the doctor with you today?ʻ

If I didn’t have him [Oakley] I’d still need the nurse, or my husband to take the day off to take me to my appointments.”


When I first started this, I wondered how this would help me. Now, I look forward to seeing
one of these dogs every Friday. Ever since I got blown up in Afghanistan, my time with them is the only thing that relaxes me.”

Lance Cpl. Andrew Childress

The dogs help (the veterans) by retrieving their medicine or slippers when they can’t move.



In some cases, they are right there to wake them up during a nightmare, or are there for a lick on the face after the nightmare.

Susan Luehrs, Hawaii Fi-Do Founder

Before my dog Fin, I was always depressed and in my room, but now I’m always out.”

Cpl. Daniel Carter, a native of Temecula, California

My first assignment was to care for Annie, one of Fi-Do’s breeders. Annie sold me on the value of Hawaii Fi-Do. My daughter, Michelle, has a rare condition called Rett Syndrome. One of her many challenges is the constant agitation of her body, especially hands. These tremors prevented her from relaxing into a full night sleep.

Vickie Kirihara,
Puppy Raiser & Board Member, 2007

Wherever I go, she goes.
She’s always there, smiling with a wagging tail.

Lance Cpl. Joshua Jablon

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